Hello Again.

Hello friends new and old. After a rather lengthy hiatus/divorce/career shuffle/coming out/pandemic lockdown, I have made the decision to oil up the press and reopen for business. Currently the workshops cannot run because ya know, social distancing; but we're open for all your letterpress printing needs. As you may or may not know. We specialize in limited edition prints, birth announcements, invitations, and custom stationery. Drop us a line at info@passepartout.press with any questions, musings, flirtations you may have. Photo credit Loki Loki.

Tessel Prints.

I'd like to introduce a new member to the Passepartout Press family.
Tessel Prints. This is a collaboration between my beloved and
myself. Here's the deal. You send us a picture of your baby, your
partner, yourself, whatever tickles your fancy; and we tesselate it,
and then print it at the size you choose. Smaller prints are letterpressed
[up to A4] but big guys [up to 85 x 85cm] are silk screened. It's
an awesome idea for birth announcements [geboortekaartjes],
birthdays, anniversaries, you get the idea. It's personalized,
graphic, beautiful and fun! In order to get the full effect of the tessel,
look at the image above. Then get up and slowly back away from
your screen until it comes into focus. Alternately zoom in and zoom out.
Pretty cool right? We think so. Contact us for a quote.

Above: A letterpress Tessel print.

Passepartout Press Shop!

Passepartout Press goodies are available for purchase online!
Check out our etsy store here

I'm especially excited about our collaboration with 
amazing letterer and inspiring creative force Marina Chaccur
Please do head on over to her site to learn more 
about the work and process. Available in the shop now.

A glimpse into the lettering process.

Mixing different inks together directly on press.
Some call this split fountain, but as this press has no "fountain" or ink tray it's more of a split roller.
Call it what you like, we love it!

The results. Each card is one of a kind.

Ready to ship!