COVID update. Until further notice, letterpress workshops will be on hold. Once it's deemed safe, workshops will reopen. If you'd like to be on the waiting list drop us a line at

Upon embarking on the letterpress journey, I was struck by how little information was available on the subject in the Netherlands. Coming here from New York where the letterpress boom was in full swing, I was dismayed to find so little help. After painstakingly tracking down resources, articles, hardware and tools over a course of months and months and then putting my findings to the test on the press, I realized something. There must be others out there looking for the same info. So if you want to cut months of research down to one day, then this is the class for you.

This workshop is ideal for anyone interested in letterpress. From those that have never seen a press in person, to those intermediate pressers who are trying to wrap their brains around setting up a studio at home.

This 1 day, one-on-one workshop will be an overview of letterpressing with photopolymer plates. We’ll use my exposure unit to ‘burn’ the plates and I’ll explain how I constructed it and where I went for the parts etc.

I'll explain about home setup, tools, inks, & supplies for getting yourself started.

Location: Den Haag.

Time: [11-19:00] 8 hours with a 1 hour break for lunch. [there’s a lot of material to cover and we want to produce a piece, too!]

Cost: € 180 per person [which includes all supplies except paper*]
or € 220 per person [includes all supplies and paper]. Prices include BTW. You must let me know in advance if you would like the paper included or not.

Want to know more?  Contact us directly. 

Let us know the dates you have available for the workshop and your expectations for the course. i.e What do you want to get out of this class?

See what others have said about this class. 

The letterpress and photopolymer workshop is a great course and a fun day for both student and teacher. See what others have said about this class:

Maurice said, “The workshop was just perfect. Hands-on from the start, great result in the end, and I learned a lot in between.”

By Maurice

Dimitry from Le Studio said, “Ik heb de workshop bij Anna als zeer leerzaam en inspirerend ervaren, ik heb het idee dat ik nu zo zelf aan de slag kan! Maar het was bovendien erg leuk en gezellig! Thanks again Anna!”

By Dimitry

Carin made this spiffy piece!

By Carin

Bertie made these 2 lovely pieces and wrote an entire article about 
her experience here

By Bertie


 Sarah & An said, “thanks again for the wonderful workshop and the lovely day. We drove home with a head filled with inspiration and ideas!” 
By Sarah & An