Design pricing starts at €125 for a personalized single-sided business or note card and goes up from there.

1. The process generally starts with an inquiry from you. This can be via email, telephone, skype, or in person. Information and expectations for your project are discussed and gathered.

2. A proposal is offered, outlining the work to be done, cost of the work and a schedule including deadlines.

3. Upon acceptance of the proposal, you are then obliged to make a deposit totaling 50% of the final price. If you choose to submit your own design you can skip down to number 9.

4. Shortly afterward you will receive the first round of sketches and or moodboards [depending on what's been agreed upon].

5. After viewing the different ideas, you will make a choice for the direction of the project.

6. The direction is then fleshed out and re-submitted to you for approval.

7. Two correction rounds are included free of charge if they are needed.

8. Final work is submitted to be signed off on before printing.

9. Paper, production and colors are approved.

10. Pieces are printed by hand in the studio including any finishing. Turnaround time varies depending upon confirmed deadlines in the proposal. You may come for a press check at this point.

11. Remaining balance due upon completion.

12. Finished pieces are delivered to you.

Contact us now for a quote and to get the ball rolling!